I am now a Cape Town Wedding Photographer

I can finally call myself a Cape Town wedding photographer. I'm back in in my favourite place on earth (and I've been EVERYWHERE) and ready to take the south African industry by storm! With this big territorial move I decided to dust off Krust and give it brand new look, to better express the essence of what has been my biggest project over the past few years. (Not taking my kids into consideration, they will always win this competition)

Where it began

The name "Krust" ( My initial and surname combined) became a frequent word and passion in our household. At first she kept me sane through the transition from an air hostess to full time mother, then she became a small income for a ridiculously expensive Dubai. I did my own branding and with a bit of help from my husband, my website, and cherished this little project in the hopes that someday it will prosper and grow into something I could be proud of. Slowly but surely my equipment became more and I took the leap into becoming a wedding photographer. Dubai didn't offer a lot of wedding opportunities for someone starting out. During a quick visit to South Africa I managed to do a few styled shoots to build a portfolio. Armed with new images I returned to Dubai and managed to connect with a few vendors in the industry. I also managed to second shoot my first wedding for Lizelle Goussard Photography.

Things were finally happening! Until the news came... We are moving to Malaysia... Canceled my trading license (only three months in) worked-in a few last desert photo sessions, refund the rest. What a feeling. Disappointment mixed with excitement and possibly a few postpartum hormones still floating around. Any person moving a business from one country to another will know the drill. Late night industry research, changing your locations and hashtags on social media, learning about new cultures and the new wedding rituals that comes with that. Luckily I had time.. lot's of it... Hello Covid.

Malaysia was probably my biggest learning curve and I had so many 'aha moments'. I immediately started reaching out to fellow industry creatives, did a photowalk with other photographers, and tweaked my wedding packages to suit the new market. A few months later I finally booked my first wedding, only to have it postponed again and again. I also fell pregnant again, this time planned... We were going to have a little "Coronial" exactly two years apart from her brother. As the world slowly adjusted to the "new normal" the realisation started dawning on us... Having a baby in a foreign country started looking a little bit more difficult than we initially thought. So we packed up and MOVED BACK TO CAPE TOWN. The decision was easy, especially being away from family for that long.

why the rebrand?

Once again I had to do a mind, business and culture shift. Late night industry research, changing your locations and hashtags on social media, new packages, etc. Thank goodness I've been through this before and this time round I KNEW the culture and I KNEW enough about the industry to get a quicker start. Just like I got a fresh start, back in the place I love, Krust needed a fresh start. This business has matured into something deeper and more meaningful over the past few years and I needed a new look to show it! Gina from The Design Bar managed to capture this so beautifully and did an amazing job on developing a brand image that stands out!

A word from Gina:

Where we go from here:

I started Krust with a lot of determination and drive. At times she stood still and waited patiently for me to gather myself and work through life. She went through two pregnancies with me, lurking in the background reminding me that I'm a creative individual AND a mother. She boomed into something spectacular when my husband was diagnosed with a brain cyst, knowing that I need that reassurance and boost of confidence. Keeping my mind occupied enough to not spiral into a hole filled with worries. Seeing how she is growing brings me so much joy!

I am so exited to continue the Krust journey with all my current AND future clients. Thank you to each and every single one of you for believing in me and for supporting me! There is a lot going on behind the scenes, but I enjoy every single moment of bringing you the magic!