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There are five important things for living a successful and fulfilling life: NEVER STOP DREAMING, NEVER STOP BELIEVING, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER STOP TRYING, AND NEVER STOP LEARNING

Where business meets art, imagination becomes innovation, and creativity becomes the currency of success.

I fell in love with wedding photography because it lets me use my creativity to capture people's happiest moments. But it's more than just taking great pictures. It's about delivering top-notch service and building relationships that keep clients coming back. I'm deeply passionate about finding the harmony between adoring my work, delivering exceptional quality, and keeping a healthy work-life equilibrium.

My formula for success might not be the only one, and surely it's still a work in progress. But, it's working for me right now and my hope is that it can provide some guidance for you too. Instead of implementing what I have done step - by - step: draw from my journey, learn from my experiences, and forge your own unique path to success


Second shooter guide

1800 ZAR

The 15 Page Second Shooter Guide is an indispensable resource for photographers who want to ensure seamless collaboration with their second photographer during weddings or other significant events.
Fully customisable Canva Template with practical content.

1 on 1 mentoring sessions

4500 ZAR

A 90-minute exploration tailored to your curiosity, diving into a variety of topics that could range from business management, photo editing, shooting strategies on the big day, and beyond

Educational Guides

Coming soon


Comprehensive guides to help you establish yourself in the wedding industry.


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LIz Da costa Photography

Karoelien is not just a fantastic photographer, but also an amazing educator! I've had a mentoring session with her and it was incredibly useful. Karoelien addressed the specific areas I was struggling with as a photographer and shared practical advice on how to improve. In addition to all this, she is very friendly and easy to connect with.

I highly recommend a mentoring session with Karoelien to any photographer looking to improve their craft and client experience. Thanks to her guidance, I feel more confident and better equipped to take my photography to a new level.



How do I make a purchase?

My website does not support online purchases yet! Hopefully soon. Please send me an email to purchase a course, session or resource.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the nature of these documents, no refunds are permitted. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding the learning material to ensure that this is the correct resources for you.

Will you bring out new guide/resources?

I am constantly working on new resources but they do take time to perfect! Please feel free to po me an email if you are looking for something specific!

Can we go half-half on resources?

No... Please don't. See it this way:

1. Next time I buy my kids clothes I'll just cut it in half and let each wear a single sleeve. because hey, I only get half the payment for work done.

2. I put a lot of time into these resources. It also took me several years to gather the correct info to include into these documents. sharing this with you is a BIG step.

3. The idea of learning and growing is to elevate your business above the rest, why share it directly with your competition?

can I do an in person session?

Absolutely. I'm based in Somerset West and would be more than happy to meet in person around SW and Stellenbosch area.

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